Ready to enjoy CLiQQ Rewards?

Start collecting points that you can exchange for food, goodies and even premium items exclusive to CLiQQ users.

Activating your account
  • Download the CLiQQ app on Google Play or on the App Store.
  • Sign up on the app using your mobile number for free. Your mobile number serves as your unique account identifier.
  • You can also purchase a physical card and link it to your mobile number. Points that are earned from purchases using multiple cards will be consolidated to a single account which is identified by your mobile number.
  • Another option is to sign up on Facebook Messenger by searching for CLiQQ and sending a message.
Earning points
  • You can access your CLiQQ Rewards barcode on the app, on Facebook Messenger or on your CLiQQ card.
  • You can earn a point for every purchase worth P50 at 7-Eleven. Just make sure to have your barcode scanned every time you pay. You can also earn points every time you buy from and pick up your order at 7-Eleven.
  • Seasonal promotions for participating brands will allow you to earn an additional points or e-stamps on top of your regular points.
Redeeming rewards
  • Open the CLiQQ app to view the Rewards Catalog. Select an item and redeem. You will receive a voucher with a barcode. Present it to the 7-Eleven cashier and claim your reward.

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